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My love for Art started at early age, seeing my father drawing with charcoals and my mother embroidering with beautiful color threads while growing up in Peru.  My love for colors and painting started when I received basic sets of watercolors and oils as birthday presents.  Art, color and painting have been part of my being ever since.

Although I did not pursue Art as a career, my connection to Art was always present during my working years and while my husband Brian and I raised our family, through evening art classes and joining painting groups.

I work with Oils and Watercolors, I love the strength and solidity of the first, but also the transparency and magic of the second. 

I try to capture into my art the beauty of nature, color, light, and what stops me along my way and makes me wonder, and I try to imprint that image and that moment of appreciation and awe so it is anchored and remains present. 

Most of my painting are images of the New England landscape or places I visited with my family. 

I am a member of Lexington Arts and Crafts Society.  

I paint out of my home studio. 

Some of my father's charcoal studies

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